Hanging Freud is a Glasgow based production duo of Paula Borges and Jonathan Skinner. As a duo they combine their somewhat nomadic past with multicultural backgrounds of coming from Sao Paulo (Brazil) and London (UK), into a body of work that is more often than not described as uncompromising and resistant to pidgeonhole buzzword references that get passed around. 

Throughout their career, they have played around with all sorts of sounds with structures, ranging from straightforward melodic verse chorus verse to claustrophobic and dense ambient workouts, minimalism and repetition.

Hanging Freud themes approach multilayered subjects with contradictory and emotional aims. Sounds and words often combine as one.

They run and manage their own imprint Tiny Box which houses most Hanging Freud material and additional solo projects.


  • The Continent (2008)
  • Sunken (2010)
  • No Body Allowed (2015)
  • Motherland (2016)
  • Anomalies (2017)
  • In Exile (2018)
  • Nowhere (2018)
  • Persona Normal (2021)
  • Worship (2023)

Solo work

  • Borgesss - The Invisible Rope (2017)
  • Com With - Playtime, Twirl, Quirky EPs (2018-present)
  • Curse Monkey - Self titled (2021)

Compilation contributions

  •  Some Alternative Universe in benefit of Lullaby Trust (Audio Antihero)
  •  Real Vs Steamboat compilation, in benefit of Rape Crisis England & Wales (Audio Antihero)
  • Unprecedented Jams - for Southern Poverty Law Center and NILC (Audio Antihero)
  • Miniatures 2020 - 40th anniversary tribute project to Morgan Fisher's original much loved album Miniatures. (ReR Megacorp)
  • A Divina Comedia - DIY vinyl compilation of Brazilian Post-Punk
  • Atlas of Penance II - Compilation of dark electronic workouts (Flagelante)